A note from our founder, Dr. East Haradin:

While the formulations for these products have been in the works for several years, I officially launched Gem Elixirz in 2010.  I have been a licensed acupuncturist since January of 2000 and a professor of East Asian Medicine since 2006.  In my many years of practice I have always incorporated aromatherapy and/or gemstones in my treatments.  For a long time patients and students would say to me things like: “Wow, that aromatherapy is amazing.”  “Where did you get it?”  “Can you make me some?”.  So that’s how Gem Elixirz began.  I would make small hand-made batches and deliver to patients and students.  One day I found myself bringing 50+ bottles to work with me!  Why did so many people want these sprays or bracelets?  Because they work!!!

My Doctoral research was a clinical trial that tested the efficacy of acupuncture combined with aromatherapy in the treatment of stress.  Because most of our products have clinical research to back up efficacy, they are used and sold within Pomerado/Palomar Hospital in San Diego.  I have the honor of being able to deliver aromatherapy courses at Pomerado/Palomar Hospital and work with staff on how to incorporate aromatherapy into the healthcare setting.   In addition, several of the sprays are being used in the Betty Ford Center as well as oncology centers in San Diego.

I have a genuine passion for helping people achieve happiness and reach their highest potential.  I feel most alive when I’m teaching, speaking and creating products and workshops that empower people.  I am touched on a daily basis by the testimonials I receive.  People report to me things like: they finally get asked out by someone they have known for years, get promotions, sleep better than they have in years, conceive after years of trying, feel healed from trauma, finally finish projects they have been putting off and ace tests. I hope you will try some of our products and bring magic back into your life!       

Love & Happiness to You,


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What Our Customers Are Saying About Gem Elixirz


“Thanks again for the sprays, I really enjoy using them and they have quite honestly, made my personal life (divorce, school, men) easier to manage. The problems are still there, but things just aren’t as rocky, solutions are easier to see, and most importantly, my emotions are more grounded, making it easier to navigate life’s dramas. My son likes them as well and won’t start the day without them. He insists I spray his fanny pack before he goes off to school or off with his Dad 🙂” S.D.


“Hello! I love your elixirs! What a genius idea! I bought the love one at In Harmony in ob and I wear it everyday!” A.S.

J.G, Accountant, Phoenix, AZ

“You were right, this stuff works.  I’m hooked.  I can’t believe how well I slept.  Thank you!” J.G, Accountant, Phoenix, AZ

C.D. acupuncture student, San Diego, CA

“I want to thank you for the best night sleep I have had in three years of grad school!” C.D. acupuncture student, San Diego, CA

V.S. San Diego, CA

“I was recently at a fundraising event that had hundreds of people and about 4 or 5 raffle prizes.  Just before they pulled the names of the raffle winners, I sprayed “Plenty”.  Low and behold, my name was called!  I won a great bottle of wine and $100 gift certificate.  If that’s what one spritz of Plenty will do for me, I can’t wait to see what Love, Focus and Shift will do !!” V.S. San Diego, CA

G.H., federal law enforcement, Salt Lake City, UT

“Your elixir worked awesome last night!” G.H., federal law enforcement, Salt Lake City, UT