We specialize in providing premium, powerful and personalized aromatherapy products:

Applying the principals of ancient medicine and wisdom we created aromatherapy blends and elixirs that have proven efficacy and profound affects.  Recognizing the power of aromatherapy and gemstones individually we found that when these two healing modalities were combined the outcome was miraculous.  Our products contain the highest quality of all-natural essential oils and semi-precious gemstones.  The gemstones are inside the bottles and are pre-drilled and ready for your to re-purpose into jewelry or anything you desire. We are committed to your well-being and know that our products can guide you to a a fulfilling, love-filled, joyful life. 

 From all of us at Gem Elixirz – We sincerely wish you love, success and happiness!


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What Our Customers Are Saying About Gem Elixirz

V.S. San Diego, CA

“I was recently at a fundraising event that had hundreds of people and about 4 or 5 raffle prizes.  Just before they pulled the names of the raffle winners, I sprayed “Plenty”.  Low and behold, my name was called!  I won a great bottle of wine and $100 gift certificate.  If that’s what one spritz of Plenty will do for me, I can’t wait to see what Love, Focus and Shift will do !!” V.S. San Diego, CA

C.D. acupuncture student, San Diego, CA

“I want to thank you for the best night sleep I have had in three years of grad school!” C.D. acupuncture student, San Diego, CA


“Hello! I love your elixirs! What a genius idea! I bought the love one at In Harmony in ob and I wear it everyday!” A.S.


“Thanks again for the sprays, I really enjoy using them and they have quite honestly, made my personal life (divorce, school, men) easier to manage. The problems are still there, but things just aren’t as rocky, solutions are easier to see, and most importantly, my emotions are more grounded, making it easier to navigate life’s dramas. My son likes them as well and won’t start the day without them. He insists I spray his fanny pack before he goes off to school or off with his Dad 🙂” S.D.

G.H., federal law enforcement, Salt Lake City, UT

“Your elixir worked awesome last night!” G.H., federal law enforcement, Salt Lake City, UT

J.G, Accountant, Phoenix, AZ

“You were right, this stuff works.  I’m hooked.  I can’t believe how well I slept.  Thank you!” J.G, Accountant, Phoenix, AZ